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What a thrill it is to see our actors succeed with that first big booking! Their natural talent in combination with the skills they've worked on in class, have opened doors to numerous film, TV, and commercial opportunities. We are so proud of the hard work and achievements of the 1st Team Family!

Hard work pays off, and we are honored to be a part of your journey!

Woman and Child Actors in Front of House while Camara Crew Records

1st Team On Set!

Our students have been cast in film, television, commercial and voice over projects. Here are just a few of our actors who have found success while training with us! 

Lucy Grimm with the Team from Chicago Med on Set

Chicago Med

Talent: Lucy Grimm
"When I started acting three years ago I didn’t know anything about acting or much about the industry in general. I’m so grateful I found 1st Team because they taught me more than just “how to act.” They taught me everything from the business side of acting to how to turn in a solid audition. I got to learn from a variety of working actors, who have trained with some of the best coaches in LA, NY, Atlanta, and Chicago. The ability to learn from coaches from such different backgrounds and experiences has really shaped who I am as an actor. Not only is 1st Team a great place to learn, it’s also an incredible community of actors who encourage and support each other!"
Team Scene from Shooting Stars Featuring Jon Solomon

Shooting Stars

Talent: Jon Solomon
"1st Team Actors Studio equipped me for my role by dedicating one on one time with me to instruct on how to bring my character from the script to life. They also strongly critiqued my audition to make sure I had the best possible tape before submitting. I’m grateful for all the ways 1st Team prepared me for this opportunity."
Child Actor, Marshall Jordan Jackson, on the Set of Bones and All

Bones and All

Talent: Marshall Jordan Jackson
"Marshall talked about wanting to be an actor since he could talk. My wife and I were hesitant to get him into it. However, when he turned 7 we found 1st Team Actors Studio. He begged us to go in and well, the rest is history. Now he is an actor and filmed his first motion picture Bones and All. All because of this amazing team at 1st Team Actors Studio!"
Nicole Yost Featured in National Whirlpool Dishwasher Commercial


Talent: Nicole Yost

"Working with Whirlpool was exciting! 1st Team give me the tools I needed to be successful in whatever was thrown at me that day. I am proud.

The director made note of my on-set expertise and professionalism. Thank you 1st Team for giving me the skills and confidence I need in this industry."

Dalton Rimbert in a Scene from Law & Order: SVU

Law & Order: SVU

Talent: Dalton Rimbert
"I have loved every minute of my time at 1st Team, I knew I was home from the first day of the Actors Arsenal Class. It is so great to be at the premier acting school in Cleveland, where I get to train alongside so many wonderful actors, and get taught by teachers whose careers I hope to emulate."
Taylor Sustersic in Big Lots: Back to Campus Commercial

Big Lots: Back to Campus

Talent: Taylor Sustersic
"1st Team prepared me for EVERY aspect of my first commercial experience! From the audition, to being on set – I wouldn't have been able to do it without the knowledge I gained from 1st Team!"
Scene from He Gets Us with Tom Cline

He Gets Us

Talent: Tom Cline
"I cannot say enough about the training and support I get from 1st Team. Every instructor is a working professional who is very giving and thoughtful in the sharing of their expertise and experience. They are also very generous with their time outside of class. The studio also goes above and beyond by creating opportunities through workshops with actors from the major markets and even arranging access to top names in the business (even including Oscar nominees and winners)! Most of all 1st Team is a family who fully support each other and wants everyone to succeed. Every time I leave there, I am full of confidence that I can do this."
Cervera Braxton on the set of Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

Talent: Cervera Braxton
"1st team helped me understand how to successfully break down a script and be the character."
Still from California Pizza Kitchen Commercial Featuring Taylor Adams

California Pizza Kitchen

Talent: Taylor Adams
"Words cannot express how grateful I am for 1st Team Actors Studio. It is a very inviting studio with a positive, safe, fun and supportive environment for you to grow at your own pace. The amount of compassion and knowledge the coaches have for their students is incredible. They help develop and advance you as a person and actor in this industry. 1st Team Actors Studio truly cares about each student. This is a place of growth! Trust me, it is proven."
Ohio Lottery OH! Logo

OH! Lottery VO spot

Talent: Sarah Parr

"There is no way I would have booked my first VO spot without 1st Team. I had never taken a VO class before, and three weeks into the class, I booked the spot. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

We learned to harness the power of our individuality and our unique points of view — being authentic and having fun during your auditions makes all the difference!"

Paige Elizabeth on the Set of Americana Dream

Americana Dream

Talent: Paige Elizabeth
"1st team not only helped with my acting skills and audition technique to get booked, but the insight from working actors who have years of on set experience and set me up for nothing but success my first time stepping onto set for a day player role."

Hudsonville Ice Cream

Talent: Ed Houston
"Whether on set or in the classroom, 1st Team instructors have taught me not to fear the camera. The camera is your friend to capture those moments when you bring a character to life."
Scene from Shooting Stars Featuring Logan Soland

Shooting Stars

Talent: Logan Soland
"The incredible training at 1st Team helped prepare me for my audition and working on a large scale picture."
Tim Dorsey in a Scene from Chicago PD

Chicago PD

Talent: Tim Dorsey
"1st Team has taught me so much. Working with their guidance has been such a blessing. If I had to bring it down to a few important ideas I would say "learn to trust yourself.. allow yourself to be a kid and play.. allow yourself to explore and fail.. and keep moving forward no matter what!" I am soo glad to have had the opportunity to work with 1st team and I look forward to keeping this momentum going."
Still with Darian Wilson in a Giant Eagle Commercial

Giant Eagle

Talent: Darian Wilson
"1st Team Actors Studio prepared me every step of the way in my recent campaign for Giant Eagle. I was able to apply all of my training to every stage of the process, from submitting my self-tape to attending the virtual callback and knowing what to expect on set. Thanks to 1st Team Actor's Studio, I not only felt well-prepared but also confident in my skills and talents as an actor."
Call Her King Star, Brian Fronk

Call Her King

Talent: Brian Fronk
"1st Team classes have given me the skills and tools to achieve my goals. With 1st team dreams do come true! So proud of where I’m at, but have so much more to do!!"
Scene from Shooting Stars Starring Tyler Winfield

Shooting Stars

Talent: Tyler Winfield
"In preparation for my role in “Shooting Stars” 1st Team helped me break down and understand my character, which was a big help bringing that person to life in the audition and on screen!"
Scene from Justified: City Primevil Featuring CJ Cobb

Justified: City Primevil

Talent: CJ Cobb
"One of the biggest things that 1st Team taught me in my journey, so far was to BREATHE. being able to settle your mind and your thoughts, allowing you to focus with confidence in the moment and know that you belong on that set!"
Jazmine Smith on the Set of Americana Dream

Americana Dream

Talent: Jazmine Smith
"Such an amazing time on set for Americana Dream! Being in front of the camera for the first time with all of the lights, and the microphones was such a surreal experience. Thanks to 1st Team, and the training I received there I was fully prepared to rock my lines!"
Still of Chrissy Strong in Giant Eagle Commercial

Giant Eagle

Talent: Chrissy Strong
"1st Team, not only are they the biggest cheerleader for their students, they have a wide range of classes, workshops, training and peer support, that have helped me develop the necessary skills to achieve my dream job. Acting has always been #1 for me and I can’t thank 1st team enough for providing me with the knowledge, support and unconditional love to succeed in this industry."
    Johanna McGinley, Talent Agent, PCG Talent
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    Why Industry Professionals Love 1st Team

    "I absolutely adore 1st Team Actors Studio. They provide top-notch education, teaching valuable techniques and essential tools for a successful acting career. The staff is not only friendly but composed of knowledgeable working actors. You can tell they genuinely care about the acting community."
    Johanna McGinley
    Talent Agent, PCG Talent
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